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We were made to worship. As creatures of desire, we give ourselves and our resources to that which we love. The reality of worship, whether secular or sacred, is we become what wee worship. Worship forms us into the object of our desire, whether be it wealth or attention or beauty or Jesus…we become what we love. That is why to be a people growing in Christlikeness we must engage in the practices of corporate and personal worship. Join us in worshipping Jesus to become like Jesus.

Easter Sermon Series

The Season of Easter: The Great 50 Days
Leaning In: Embracing a raised-up life in a locked-down world.

We are coming to a new awareness that our hurried, harried, disconnected, curated for social-media “life” is anything but. During this challenging time your life CAN be different. Let God help: Join us for the 6 weeks of Easter as the Apostle Peter gives us 6 keys to leaning into lives that are real and full…a “raised-up” kind of life.

Lean into a life that is…Hopeful, Wise, Hungry, Free, Deep, and Victorious

Easter 6 DEEP

Easter 5 Free
Easter 4 Hungry
Easter 3 Wise
Easter 2 Hopeful