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We were made to worship. Humans are creatures of desire: we give ourselves and our resources to that which we love. In turn, we are formed into the objects of our desire, whether the object is secular or sacred. Be it wealth or attention or beauty or Jesus…we become what we love. That is why people growing in Christlikeness engage in the practices of corporate and personal worship.

Join us in worshipping the Jesus to become like Jesus.

In order to minimize the spread of virus, please…

A mask is required on Sundays to protect vulnerable parishioners. (One will be provided if you do not have one).

Use sanitizer stations whenever entering the building.

Maintain 6’ distance from others (i.e. bow and nod at the peace).

Download a bulletin from this page on your ipad. A single-use bulletin is available.

Offering baskets available at exits.

Sorry, no coffee or foodservice at this time..

Stay home if feeling ill or running a fever.

You will be asked to provide an active cell phone and email address in case contact tracing becomes necessary.


Register for Sunday, May 9, 2021

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