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What’s The Bicentennial Buzz?
Report from the Trinity 1821 Bicentennial Committee

Slogan:  Ringing In the Bicentennial
June 17, 2020

Fellow Parishioners, we’ve been busy as bees!  So, we thought you would like to hear what is planned so far and put some special dates on your 2021 calendar.

Way back in October of 2019 many of you came out to offer suggestions for Bicentennial events and programs. And now the Committee meets monthly to look over those ideas and see how we can carry them out as part of the 1821 celebration. We are still offering fun-filled opportunities for more parishioners to help with planning and coordination.  This is a big birthday for Trinity, and we want everyone to come to the party.

Our meetings are currently being held monthly at 7:00 by Zoom on the third Tuesday of each month.  Please call Nancy Birchall at 904-392-6229 for the link to join us.

Now, here’s what’s happening along with the proposed dates and a bit of info about each event:

  • Ongoing – Archive Angels are organizing our historic documents and papers with plan to digitize them for safe keeping.
  • Ongoing – Plan to create a video series about parishioners through the years and important events in Trinity’s history to be posted on the Website.
  • Ongoing – A fundraiser is being organized to raise money to make our historic 1842 bell operable so we can “Ring In” a new chapter of Trinity’s love for God and our community.
  • TBD – Speakers series featuring fastening topics and presenters informing us about the church history and our community.
  • December 3 – Trinity Float in the 2020 Christmas Parade announcing our Bicentennial.
  • January 3 – Bicentennial Kick-Off Sunday
  • January – December – Trinity Tidbits about life at Trinity through the years to be presented at each Sunday service.
  • January-December – Andrew Fowler (Trinity’s founder from Charleston, SC) will be portrayed and available to tell our story at various functions and civic meetings.
  • February – An evening with Lee Weaver as The Witness.
  • April 4 -Hats Off to a Glorious Easter!  Ladies of all ages will be encouraged to have hats “on” as a salute to the 1821 custom.
  • April 17 – Diocesan Daughters of the King Spring Conference hosted by Trinity.
  • May 8 – Elegant Spring Ladies Tea – A gift to Trinity ladies of all ages from St. Catherine’s Guild.
  • June 13 – An old-fashioned Founders Day Social with food and fun for all.
  • October 15-17 – Grand Gala Bicentennial Celebration with surprises of all kinds.
  • November 10 – Celebrate America patriotic service honoring our veterans.  This year will be the 13th year Trinity has offered this tribute to our community.
  • December 24 after the Christmas Eve service – We will have a brief ceremony to place our carefully filled Trinity Time Capsule to be opened in 2046!  Be thinking of things to go in it…
  • Now if anything specifically “whets your whistle” and you want to help in that area, please email Nancy Birchall.  Remember, also, we have even more on the docket and are waiting for other Trinity associated groups to tell us what they want to do and when.

We are Trinity Parish…Florida’s oldest Episcopal Parish.

God bless us all as we gear up for Joyful Fun in 2021.


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to be inside the church recently, due to the “virus”,   transformation of the lobby cabinet into our Bi-Centennial “Time Capsule” is progressing.  Glass has replaced the original door panel, which has been saved to become the front of the “Capsule” containment box,   for a more cohesive look with the exterior.   There is already a lock on the cabinet door and the interior is lit.   The interior measurements of the cabinet itself are 12” deep, 28” wide and 71” high.  The containment box will be constructed to fit within these measurements.  A brass plaque will be placed on the front of the containment box, indicating the placement date of December 25, 2021 and an opening date in 2046.


Attention All Trinity Ministries

We are asking the various church ministries, over the next few months, to put your thinking caps on and work amongst yourselves on a submission for the time capsule that would best reflect your ministry as it pertains to 2021.  Keep in mind, all submissions will be subject to available size guidelines.

The following is a tentative timeline for “Time Capsule” submissions:

(1-1-2021 thru 3-31-2021)
Request that the Ministries submit their suggestions in writing to the committee for review.

(4-1-2021 thru 6-30-2021)
Committee will review, approve and notify Ministries regarding their submissions.

(7-1-2021 thru 9-30-2021)
Submissions will be physically presented in final form to the committee.

We will display the submissions at the Thanksgiving Dinner for the congregation to view prior to placement in the “Time Capsule”.

Placement ceremony of our “Time Capsule” after the 11pm Christmas Eve Service.

Any questions, please email Nancy Rossetter.


In 1842, two decades into our history, our forefathers installed a bell to call our town to the mercy of God. Trinity’s bell has welcomed our community to experience God in Word and Sacrament, inviting the community to our place of prayer.

Termite damage to the cradle and wheel have rendered our historic bell inoperable, and although, looking forward to our third century, we have many new and emerging ways to invite people to experience God, our bell on the plaza remains a wonderful tool.

In light of our missional purposes the Trinity Bicentennial Committee invites you to participate in the refurbishment of our bell. Will you help us “Ring in our Bicentennial” in 2021?

The refurbishment will cost approximately $40,000. Anyone donating $200 or more over the next four months will be designated “Big Clappers” and recognized digitally in Trinity’s archives, adding to our church’s storied history. This is not a capital campaign but a legacy donation to a worthy cause in honor of your family, or in memory of a loved one. Of course, donations of all amounts will be joyfully appreciated and can be made online HERE.

Watch the video: